What is blood clot? Symptoms and treatment

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A blood clot in head is called as the stoppage of the flow of the blood in the brain.  The blood contains several essential elements like proteins and minerals that is continuously flowing  through your bloodstream. A brain stroke happens when the blood clot becomes big that it cut off the blood supply to the
brain which leads to damaging or killing specific brain tissues.

There are following symptoms of blood clot

  1. Blurry vision is one of the most early indicators of an impending brain stroke. Sudden blurriness can be seen in your vision.
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  3. Speech impairment is other important symptoms of brain stroke and formation of a blood clot in the head. The person will start facing difficulty in speaking, eating or drinking if a thrombus or embolus forms in your bloodstream. You may feel trouble in swallowing foods and drinks.
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  5. Sudden severe headaches are a natural indication of an eventual blonde clot in brain. Symptoms like giddy or wanting to vomit are also the indication of blood clot.
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You must immediately need to seethe doctor if you are facing these symptoms.
Posted 02 May 2021

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