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I've got problems with a crossword puzzle (yes, it's in Norwegian, but you might still be able to help me).

Que is "Gjennomtrekk", which can be translated to "draught" or
"turnover". And the only solution I can find is "agil", which doesn't
make much sense. "Agil" translates as far as I know only into "agile" in
English. I can't find any examples in Norwegian where that word is used
as a synonym for "draught"/"turnover". Besides, "agil" ("agile") is an
adjective, while the word I'm looking for must be a noun.

However, sometimes crosswords like words very rarely used in Norwegian,
and quite often those words come from a foreign language.

So my questions is: In the language you speak, are there any examples
where "agile" or "agil" or something similar can be a synonyme for
"turnover" or "draught"?

pibbur who at the moment is not very agile.

Posted 03 May 2021

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