First aid training for drivers

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Help needed! I am doing the driving courses in Riga, Latvia, but they have forbidden me to do the first aid training because of the Covid. Just because of this I cannot take my driving classes even when I have passed the theory exam in CSDD!! Is it really not allowed right now or is it just my driving school? Maybe there are some possibilities to take these courses somewhere else? Can anyone help?
Posted 04 May 2021

Hi. Yes, right now in the most places you can not do the first aid training for drivers because of the Covid. And unfortunately it is not possible to do them online as it is a very important practical training. What I meant is that they are not available for the B category but recently I saw that a non governmental organization ‘’Samarieši’’ and organizing first aid training for drivers who are learning the A, AM, A1 and A2 category. But actually I don’t understand why they are not doing for the B category as well.. Maybe because there would be more people or maybe they are different for A and B categories. Probably it’s because of the bigger number of people doing B category, rather than A. But yea, you didn’t mention which category courses you are doing right now? And which driving school are you attending? If it usually offers first aid training certificate, then You should ask them whether you can have some alternatives. Maybe you could have some privileges if you are a foreigner student over here. I suggest you not to be shy in this. As you are probably attending the driving classes in English, I guess you are not so many in the group, so maybe it’s possible to do the practical lesson of the first aid even privately. They may ask you more money because of the private lesson but if it doesn’t double the average price, I wouldn’t miss a chance. But otherwise it is understandable that they are not providing the first aid right now. Covid is affecting people a lot, so it is better not to risk. But I think the private practical lessons could be a good and understandable solution.
Posted 04 May 2021

Molli25 says
Yea, yea, I am doing B category courses in Presto driving school. We are 7 people in the group which is perfect. I am a bit shy, but when it’s less people in the group I am even asking some questions. Especially because my course mates seem to be even more shy than me.. But yea, I will ask. Maybe it is possible to get creative in the rules. Anyway - thanks for giving some ideas!
Posted 04 May 2021

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