Known 'Glaucoma', left for a long time may not be seen permanently. Who is at risk?

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Known 'Glaucoma', left for a long time may not be seen permanently. Who is at risk?

Glaucoma is a silent threat. joker123 That many people may not be very careful And having unknowingly risk behaviors that glaucoma It is a common eye disease. And it is very dangerous to become completely blind if not treated or treated regularly. Will narrow the field of vision or the width of vision Until you lose all your vision In which vision loss from glaucoma It is a permanent loss that cannot be restored.

Common symptoms include cataracts, glaucoma, glaucoma, and glaucoma, but glaucoma is the only type of glaucoma that does not have a glaucoma. Because glaucoma is actually a disease that has been damaged by the optic nerve terminal. Which conducts visual currents to the brain The damage to the optic nerve leads to the loss of the visual field, and eventually the loss of vision. It is a permanent loss, irreversible and irreversible. In which the symptoms that are found are important in almost all cases, it is Have increased intraocular pressure It is an important risk factor for easy damage to the optic nerve.
Causes of Glaucoma
Most of the causes are due to the deterioration of the body itself. Glaucoma is a disease that causes damage to the optic nerve. There is no cause of external factors. Or with other eye disease complications from accident or surgery, other eye diseases, or even related to other physical ailments, the most important risk factor. And is the only factor that can be controlled and changed is Increased intraocular pressure Which may spontaneously increase spontaneously Due to deterioration in the eye or increased due to the drug used Accident or surgery
The most common patient group
Found from newborns to the elderly. But the most common group Is the elderly By people over 40 years of age, especially those who have close relatives such as siblings, parents with glaucoma. Will be at a greater risk of developing glaucoma than other individuals People with relatively high levels of normal eye pressure, especially higher than 21 mm Hg. In the future, there is a greater risk of developing stony disease than people with normal eye pressure. It is also found in patients with diabetes quite a lot, perhaps more than in the general population. Or found in patients with poor blood flow disease causing poor blood flow to the optic nerve People who are very short-sighted or very long-sighted have different risks of getting glaucoma.

Posted 07 May 2021

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