5 signs of danger, risk of "heart disease" as young as possible

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Danger signal Early symptoms of heart disease that all ages should be aware of.
Prof. Chaya Sin Maensuan, Deputy Director of the Hospital for Tropical Medicine Cardiologist And lecturer of the Faculty of Tropical Medicine Mahidol University Provides information about the dangerous signs of heart disease. That can happen at both old and young age, including how to prevent danger from heart disease To reduce the life-threatening risk of this disease promptly.
Cardiovascular disease Kills most people around the world
According to the WHO or the World Health Organization, cardiovascular disease is the number 1 cause of death in the world.
How many types of heart disease are there?
Heart disease can be broadly classified in 3 types:
Abnormal heart muscle such as myocardial infarction Thick heart muscle
Abnormal coronary artery Including the heart wall
Pericardial dysfunction, such as pericardial tuberculosis Or pericarditis
Heart disease risk factors
Having a medical condition such as diabetes High blood pressure, obesity, sleep apnea. These patients are at higher risk of heart disease than normal people. In particular, diabetics may not show chest pain. May have arrived during the cardiac arrest Or have severe symptoms, etc.
Is a congenital heart disease It is found in younger people, such as cardiac arrest. The blood vessels in the heart deteriorate.
Heart disease danger signs
Chest tightness in the middle of the chest May crack up the jaw Or the left shoulder is very tight until suffering may take 5-20 minutes with the symptoms of sweating, palpitations.
Fainting, symptoms are quite severe. The heart may beat very slowly. Or the heart may have severe arrhythmia In particular, frequent syncope with no known cause.
Palpitations may indicate an irregular heartbeat, such as bradycardia, fast or irregular heartbeat. It happened without knowing why.
Get tired easily, passively, get tired, or do light activities get tired without going through strenuous activity.
Swollen legs may indicate a heart attack. Symptoms often occur in conjunction with other symptoms such as being easily tired, lying down, unable to wake up to pant at night With swelling of the legs, having to swell on both legs If one side is swollen, there may be another disease.
How to prevent heart disease
People over the age of 35 should have their health checked every year. At least once a year To check the heart, blood pressure, sugar and blood fat and so on
If the body has disorders such as obesity, high blood pressure. High blood fat or sugar Should control food Exercise regularly And get enough rest If you do not get better. May consult your doctor for drug treatment. Or the other way around
In addition, if there are abnormal symptoms As mentioned above You should see a doctor as soon as possible. For treatment promptly

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