Lessons from Apartheid: Invictus, a film reflecting South Africa's transformation through rugby.

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Apartheid Considered as a large child in the world today Especially in 2021, when many Asians in the United States Abused and Hated for the Nation Just because of the different skin color problems that arise. It reminds us of the events in the film Invictus (2009), the story of Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa. To create unity with people in the nation with rugby Which used to be a symbol of racism in this country
This is a story that will remind everyone that Apartheid How much can harm your fellow human beings? With actual events in South Africa.
The policy holds the color of the skin.
Invictus begins with some of the most famous events in South African history. That was the release of Nelson Mandela, an anti-apartheid activist. To be jailed for 27 years for the offense of terrorism. And a rebellion against the nation

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This film takes viewers back to the events that took place on February 11, 1990, where we see a poor, undressed black teen. Express their joy to see their heroes get free.
While on the other side of the road Rugby youth athletes, all of whom are white. Returned to the fence in surprise Because they don't know Mandela The team's head coach also told the boys that "This is the day our country fell"
The first scene of the film hints at apartheid. This is a problem that has been deeply rooted in South Africa since colonial times. Before it erupted, there were conflicts after the National Party, the far-right political party popularizing white supremacism, won the government election in 1948 despite the collective votes of the people across the country. Less than As a result of a traditional electoral system The same "First-past-the-post" used in the United States.
When there is power in hand National Party government Therefore, the "Apartheid" policy was announced, a system that completely separates people from different races, ie, blacks cannot live in the same area as whites. And they do not have the same access to education, nursing and public services as whites.

Posted 11 May 2021

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