How to Get Rid of a Cold In 24 Hours

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When a cold strikes, it looks like putting a blanket over your head and praying for decongestants will be your only option. But you don't have to endure that bad feeling for weeks. Knowing how to cure a cold can shorten the time of your illness. Just follow the tips below and you will be healthy again in 24 hours, believe it!

7 a.m. take a warm shower
It's not easy to drag yourself out of bed when you wake up with aches and sniffs. But taking a warm bath can help relieve a stuffy nose. Steam and moisture will make mucus less mucus and the nasal passages clear and breathe easier.

8.00 Eat two teaspoons of alderberry syrup.
Elderberry syrup has antiviral properties and stimulates the immune system. Taking 2 teaspoons of alderberry syrup three times a day will help relieve symptoms and shorten the duration of a cold. This can also help prevent if you come into contact with someone else.

9.00 Abstain from cereals and coffee and switch to eggs and tea.
Eating a wide variety of breakfast foods may help you get rid of a cold. Eggs are complete protein, which means they contain nine essential amino acids that help the body fight inflammation. You should have an egg omelette with a cup of honey-lemon tea. Did you know that honey is more effective than cough syrup because it coats the throat and reduces irritation?

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12:30 p.m. Sprinkle salad with chickpeas and pumpkin seeds.
Chickpeas and pumpkin seeds are good sources of zinc. These nutrients stimulate the body's infectious response and reduce inflammation. There is evidence to suggest that taking zinc within 24 hours of having a cold can shorten the duration and relieve the severity of symptoms. You can buy zinc lozenges at most pharmacies and take them twice a day until your cold symptoms subside.

2:00 pm drink water
Hydration is essential when you have to fight disease. This is because a low fever increases the amount of evaporated fluid from the body and the risk of dehydration. What's more, getting enough fluids will also help your body flush out the mucus that builds up in your nose and throat. Therefore, you should drink two or more glasses more than usual. (Tea and soup are included too!)

3:00 pm take a walk
Taking a walk for 20 minutes will help increase your energy and improve symptoms. Moderate exercise, such as walking, stimulates your breathing and widens your nasal passages so you can breathe more comfortably. At the same time, exercise increases the number of good bacteria in the gut and regulates the immune system.

6:30 p.m. Sip on chicken soup
Steam and ingredients in chicken broth can stop chemicals that cause inflammation in the body. Even canned soup can be effective against colds.
9:00 pm wash your nose
The mucus can become pus and become infected. Therefore, you should rinse your nose with salt water to expel mucus and bacteria.

Posted 13 May 2021

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