What is dopamine deficiency disease? And what happens when people lack the happiness hormone?

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From the article on "Dopamine" and 9 natural ways to increase the happiness hormone. It has led us to recognize that "dopamine" is an important brain chemical that has many functions involved in reward, motivation, memory, attention and even control of body movement.
And when large amounts of dopamine are released, it creates a feeling of satisfaction and reward that inspires friends. Repeat specific behaviors, but what happens if we are deficient in dopamine? Is there a disease or not? Let's look at the answer together.

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What is dopamine deficiency disease?
Dopamine deficiency syndrome is a rare genetic condition, with only 20 confirmed cases. It is known is Dopamine deficiency and Parkinsonism - Infantile Parkinsonism-dystonia (IPD).
This affects the child's ability to move bodies and muscles. Although the symptoms typically appear during infancy. But it might not appear until later in childhood. Symptoms are similar to other movement disorders, such as children's Parkinson's disease. For this reason, it is often misdiagnosed. Some researchers think it is more common than previously thought.The condition is progressive, meaning it gets worse over time. There is no cure, so treatments are focused on managing symptoms.
Dopamine deficiency disease What are the symptoms
The symptoms are often the same regardless of the age in which the disease has developed. These may include:
Muscle pain
Muscle spasms
Muscles move very slowly (bradykinesia)
Tight muscles
Difficulty eating and swallowing
Difficulty speaking and making words
Difficulty with balance when standing and walking
Uncontrollable eye movements
Acid reflux disease (GERD)
Difficulty sleeping

According to the National Library of Medicine of the United States, This genetic predisposition is caused by a mutation in the SLC6A3 gene. This gene is involved in the making of a dopamine transporter protein. This protein regulates the amount of dopamine that is transported from the brain to cells.

Posted 14 May 2021

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