RAW VEGAN DIET: Health risks from vegetarians you should know about.

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Although vegetarian food is not new But it's gaining attention again recently.It combines the principles of vegetarians with those who eat raw or raw food, while some may choose to follow ethical or environmental reasons. But even so, most of them do it for the health benefits. Including weight loss Better heart health and lower risk of diabetes.
However, a vegetarian diet can pose health risks, especially when your friends Not planned In this article, we will review a vegetarian diet on the risks.

May be nutritionally unbalanced
One of the prerequisites of a well-planned vegetarian diet is to make sure it has all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Friends can do this by consuming supplements or supplements to compensate for their naturally present nutrients.
Vitamin B12 is one example of a nutrient deficient in a vegetarian diet. Too little vitamin intake can lead to anemia, nerve damage. Infertility Poor heart disease and bone health

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May cause muscle weakness
Many aspects of a vegetarian diet can result in weakened muscles and bones. To start with this method, eating tends to be low in calcium and vitamin D. Which are two essential nutrients for healthy bones
Additionally, a raw vegan diet contains very little protein, often less than 10% of your total daily calories. Although low protein levels may be sufficient to meet basic biological needs. But there is also some evidence linking consumption to stronger bones.
Protein is essential in maintaining muscle mass, especially during periods of low calorie intake leading to weight loss.

Can cause tooth decay
Vegetarian diets may increase the probability of tooth decay. Especially of foods like oranges and berries. These fruits are thought to be more acidic and are more likely to cause tooth erosion.
In the study, 97.7% of the raw vegan diets experienced some degree of tooth erosion, compared to only 86.8% in the control group.However, further studies are needed before any solid conclusions can be drawn.
It may reduce fertility
In some cases, a raw vegan diet may decrease the fertility in this regard. In one study, 70% of women who followed a raw vegan diet experienced menstrual cycles.
In addition, it was found that the proportion of eating raw food was higher. Researchers have calculated that women who consume only raw foods are seven times more likely to develop amenorrhea than other women.
Scientists know that one of the main methods of eating a raw vegan diet can affect fertility in women with very low calories. This can cause women to lose too much weight, reducing their ability to have menstruation as well.

Posted 18 May 2021

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