4 safe ways to reduce "excess fat" without surgery

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Besides exercise that can lose excess fat in a sustainable and safest way. Prof. Dr. Prawit Asavanont, Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society also introduced other medical technologies. Non-surgical That will help reduce excess fat.
4 safe ways to reduce "excess fat" without surgery
Cold use (Cryolipolysis)
Fat cells are cells that are more sensitive to cold than other skin cells. This causes the fat layer to be destroyed after only 1-2 sessions of treatment, which will begin to see good results in 4-12 weeks after treatment.
Radio wave use (Radiofrequency)
To destroy fat cells Often need to be repeated many times (Depending on the tool used) will see good results.
Using ultrasound (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound; HIFU)
Ultrasound causes the target tissue to vibrate rapidly and generate heat. This will destroy fat, do 1-2 times, it can see good results.
Using a laser (Low-level aser therapy)
To make fat cells smaller It has to be done several times to see results.
No need for anesthesia And some tools can do without anesthesia Some types are applied local anesthetic to the skin to make them feel more comfortable while doing this.
After the treatment, the patient does not have to recover for a long time. Most are able to lead a normal life right after the procedure.
Few side effects Most of them only experienced a slight pain or pain during the procedure. Including swelling, redness or bruising after doing so, which usually heals on its own
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