Foot bites, symptoms to watch out for during the flood and how to treat them properly

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Foot bites are a common foot health problem during the rainy season. joker123 Especially if having to wade through a flood contaminated with germs, go home and leave your feet wet for a long time without cleaning or drying them completely. But foot problems are not serious and are not difficult to treat. You just need to take care of yourself properly in conjunction with the use of the disease. Foot health will return as good as before.

Foot bites are actually a fungal infection on the crotch, toes, or soles of the feet, most commonly seen in men who are sweating a lot. Wearing tight, tight shoes Or wearing socks that have been wet for a long time until they become damp Especially after playing sports It is the origin of the name Athlete's Foot. It can cause symptoms such as a flaky rash with itching and burning. The skin around the toes cracks, peels and breaks, the skin turns white and becomes swollen, thickens. Have blisters or sores on the feet Or there is an unpleasant smell coming from the infected skin, etc.
Foot bites can be spread through contact with sick people or contaminated items such as towels, clothes or shoes, so we should take care of the infected area early.

How to treat foot bite yourself
The symptoms of mild foot bites can often be cured without the need for medical attention. Using an antifungal cream that can be purchased at most pharmacies Like myconasole Terbenafine drug Or coltrimazole Patients should always consult their pharmacist about safety, precautions, and appropriate dosage before using the drug. Including following the following tips for taking care of yourself properly
Take care of the cleanliness of the feet even more. After cleaning the feet, should use a cloth to absorb the feet or prongs to the toes to dry every time. Or may sprinkle talcum powder around the toe crotch to prevent sweating.
Do not peel or scratch any rashes or infected skin. Because it can make athlete's foot more spread easily Patients who are very itchy may relieve symptoms by applying a cold washcloth to it.
Wear clean socks and change socks daily. If you are sweating a lot, change your socks twice a day.
Use things in daily life separately with family members and not share them together, such as towels, towels, socks or shoes. After use, wash them regularly. Do not use it repeatedly.
Wear shoes that are light, comfortable and well ventilated. So as not to sweat a lot of feet Feeling uncomfortable or hot in your feet all the time
Do not wear the same shoes for more than 2 consecutive days because the shoes may be damp.
Do not walk barefoot in public places. Like the changing room or the swimming pool Instead, protect your feet by wearing waterproof sandals instead.

Posted 20 May 2021

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