Prepare For Outland Exploration of WoW TBC Classic

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For the players who love Azeroth, the post World of Warcraft Classic was their happiest time. They seemed to have traveled back in time and traveled back in time. But the more the content draws to a close, the more that nostalgia fades. If you too are a World of Warcraft Classic player and are currently feeling similar fears, rest assured that you can now continue the nostalgic atmosphere by reliving World of Warcraft. After a long downtime due to maintenance work, the pre-patch for Burning Expedition Classic has been released and players can now become blood elves and Draenei
Blizzard has announced the new features and changes that come with the pre-patch on the official website. These will be fully applied when TBC Classic is officially released. First, World of Warcraft Classic players will now have to make selections when they log into the game. You need to determine whether each character currently in use should stay on the WoW Classic server or join the TBC Classic server. Of course, you can also use the $ 15 character cloning service so you can keep the most important characters on both servers at the same time.
For gamers looking for new content, the new campaign is essential. Blizzard added a number of fun events to the pre-patch program. Over the next few weeks, players can also take part in the pre-release event, the WOW TBC Classic Gold? Dark Portal Battle, where Highlord Kruul and a number of demonic invaders will be unleashed on Azeroth.

In addition, Blizzard announced that with the official release of the patch, all current World of Warcraft Classic realms will be transferred to Burning Expedition Classic. Players who wish to keep their current characters in World of Warcraft Classic will need to download a different version of the game.

"Starting with the pre-expansion patch process, all current World of Warcraft Classic servers will be upgraded to Burning Crusade Classic content. When you log in for the first time, you will have a choice of whether or not to add any existing character to Burning Crusade Upgrade Classic? or play in a World of Warcraft Classic-era world that can be downloaded as a new game from the Battlenet desktop app. "

If you want to learn more about the game's version options and character clones, check out Blizzard's announcement in early May.

From the point of view of the update process, the release of this pre-patch did not go very well. The World of Warcraft team posted on the TBC Classic forums stating that they had to have extended maintenance downtime in order to move territories. This update is unprecedented for both the game and Blizzard.

Fortunately, after a long wait, all systems now seem to be working properly. Be sure to stay tuned on SSEGold? for the latest news on TBC Classic.

Posted 21 May 2021

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