Rely on exercise to losing weight is a mistake

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Some people still think exercise can help you lose weight, but exercise isn't the only way to lose weight. Other things, especially food preparation, should be organized. In his recent book, Professor Bern, a doctor at Duke University, showed that regular exercise, including strenuous exercise, was not the cause of weight loss. The New York Post said Pontzer burned more calories. However, the bodywork is not simple, it is very complex. studied Hadza in northern Tanzania, where there are many tribes. An active lifestyle in the urban community. The tribe is always looking for food. When Pontzer examined urine, he found that the energy Hadza emits wasn't much different from the energy of the less-moving residents in general. explained human physiology.  

and if this energy is not used for physical activity, the body can use it for other functions, and the body has its own way. .. .. Depends on your lifestyle In a sedentary person, energy is used to improve unwanted bodily functions, such as a stress response, but in an active person, the body requires calories for other systems, such as reproductive and immunity. Can be extracted.

This causes fatigue in people with excessive movement syndrome. "We can't control the body's metabolism," says Pontzer. Meanwhile, Pontzer made a very controversial statement. Diet is considered the only way to lose weight, and Banjar claims that eating a variety of foods like Hadza can help you lose weight. Contains carbohydrates. Whole grain products from tubers, starch and honey sugar. In addition, infertility patients are encouraged to eat foods rich in protein and fiber. This allows you to feel full for a long time.

“Diet is the right way to lose weight. Exercise is the best,” said Pontzer. Sean Heffron, NYU Cardiologist Langone. According to him, “Exercise generally increases your metabolism, leading to more calories,” Holon says. In addition to this, maintain better fat mass. In the long run, exercise can consume more energy. Weight loss does not occur without dietary changes. “But exercise is equally important,” said Heflon. For best results, we recommend high-intensity exercise or HIIT to help you lose weight.

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Posted 22 May 2021

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