8 yoga poses to help tighten + reduce belly

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If talking about yoga For those who are new to exercising, they find it more difficult than a regular exercise program. Therefore often overlooked But aside from the benefits of yoga that help in terms of health like this
Relieve back pain and take care of your spine with 6 yoga poses.

INFOGRAPHIC: 6 simple yoga poses to reduce lower back pain
Yoga also has poses that will help create beautiful abs for us as well. By fresh and beautiful, have been compiled in the exercise program that has been deposited in this article.
8 yoga poses to help tighten + reduce belly
* By having friends do 30 seconds each pose
1.Crow Pose
2.Warrior 3
3. Star Plank
4.Boat Pose
5.Windshilde Wiper
6. Plank Scoop
7 Chaturanga
8. Bird Dog

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