Sri Lanka|Thailand|Myanmar|Malaysia: lastest news on opening to foreigners

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Hello friends.
For those who are interested in ordination in one of those countries,
let's gather here news on their current border status, airport
reopening, etc.
The two countries I'm interested in are Sri Lanka and Malaysia. I'd love
to ordain either in Na Uyana (SL) or Sasanarakkha (MLY). I contacted
both monasteries and they are very receptive.
Posted 24 May 2021

GroovEye says
Great, thanks. Looks hopeful. Good news on the monasteries.

I'm flying to Thailand end of January '21 for four weeks. I hope by then they've moved on from quarantine...

Posted 24 May 2021

Nortman says
Oh that is a shame about Malaysia. I thought you had finalised your plans to go there.

I also think that even when these countries do open their borders, there
will possibly be a lot of measures put in place that make ordination
not possible, such as only being able to stay at certain designated
hotels, having to have covid tests while there, having to quarantine on
arrival, huge expenses to cover medical in case covid is contracted,

Posted 24 May 2021

turelan says
Sri Lanka is a country I have always wanted to visit and I can't wait to do it when life comes back to normal and the global pandemic comes to an end. However, I have been watching a lot of news and reading a lot of articles about the situation of the country from noodol cafe. They provide a lot of information about the live situation in the country like airport reopening time, border status, and much other news about the overall status of the country.
Posted 24 May 2021

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