Combining techniques to make the old computer fast, just like a new computer, easily do not have to buy a new

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In the age of the pandemic, things are now going to be thrifty, some people have to get old computers back to use. Replace the new purchase that now costs more and more. Because of the shortage of chips today, Sanook Hitech ????????????? will introduce a way to make your old computer as powerful as any new computer. Without having to buy a new one Ready, let's see
Remove unnecessary programs.
The first thing that should be done is to remove the program. Because some programs interfere with the boot up when turning on the new device But the deletion is in addition to the delay in the machine If not in use, it will also increase the space of the device.
Always remove trash from the Recycle Bin.
Deleting a file or document from a computer, many people think it will delete it and restore space, but may actually be in the Recycle Bin, so in order to delete it completely, just right-clip and select the word Empty Recycle Bin, it will delete Can leave
A little more If we delete Disk Cleanup (go to This PC and select, right click and select Properties and select the first section) to remove the old Temp, it will make the computer run faster.
Increase the computer's RAM
Part of the slowdown in computers is RAM that is not suitable for the operating system, as in Windows 10, although 4GB of RAM is recommended, it should actually be approximately 8GB, with some computers upgradeable via opening the back cover for Notebook, All In One and Desktop PC just take out the case.
However, it is worth noting that the BUS of RAM affects performance and price. Therefore, you should choose to suit your model and computer.
Switching from Hard Disk to SSD
 Finally, one thing I would recommend, because sometimes the reason for the slow computer may be due to another internal memory that is responsible for running the operating system such as Hard Disk, upgrading to SSD, in addition to being part of the computer fast, Can make data handling faster as well
This method will only work on certain computers. Be sure to verify that your computer is compliant before deciding to upgrade. What tips and techniques will be presented next time?
Posted 28 May 2021

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