Found a way to help blind people to see again.

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Found a way to help blind people to see again.
Technological advances help blind man see again after scientists modify cells
Nature Research slotxo Journals has published the first success of a team of scientists from Europe and the United States in cell modification to help a man who was blind 40 years ago regain partial vision.
The technique used this time is called optogenetics, or light neuron stimulation. It has been developed in the field of neuroscience over the past 20 years where experts modify cells to make them Produces more light-sensitive proteins
A 58-year-old man admitted to have hereditary degenerative image cell degeneration. As a result, the light-receptor cells in the retina, which need to use proteins to transmit visual information to the brain through the optic nerve, deteriorate. made him invisible for the past 40 years.
The patient is given several injections into the eye and several months of light-emitting eyeglass stimulation. The glasses transform the image of the world of vision into light transmitted to the retina in real time.
Clinical trials found that The research team was able to partially restore the male patient's vision. It can classify, count, locate and touch objects. placed on the table in front
During the trial, 92% of patients were able to position and touch objects on the table in front of them while wearing glasses, but without glasses they were completely unable to see.
José Alan Sahel, head of the research team at the Sorbonne University and the French National Center for Scientific Research, said: The experiment confirmed that optogenetics can be used to restore vision in humans, however, the research team said. It still takes a while for the method to be applied to patients.

Posted 01 Jun 2021

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Posted 01 Jun 2023

Kelly22 says
The patient receives many eye injections and is stimulated with light-emitting eyewear over several months. The glasses instantly convert the visual environment into light that is sent to the retina. Try searching for gas plumber near me!
Posted 02 Jul 2023

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