Lose weight but "sleep less" What you're missing may be "muscle", not fat.

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Lose weight but "sleep less" What you're missing may be "muscle", not fat.
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Anyone who is losing weight, exercising, dieting but not getting enough sleep. Be careful, muscle will lose instead of fat.
A study 168 from the University of Chicago, published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, shows that getting enough sleep can help you get more sleep. It is another important factor in effective weight loss.
People who are losing weight by dieting. And exercise They may be able to lose the same weight even if one person sleeps 8.5 hours, while the other sleeps only 5.5 hours a day. But research shows that people who sleep 8.5 hours burn more fat than people who sleep just 5.5 hours, where the loss is more "muscle" than fat.
The time when our body is sleeping and resting. It will help the body maintain fat-free body mass at the same time reducing the amount of energy received from diet. Not getting enough sleep can affect the effectiveness of a diet for weight loss. Including the metabolism of energy in the body involved as well.
How much sleep is enough?
if you are losing weight In addition to diet and exercise Remember that one important thing is getting enough sleep. In general, we can set enough time for each age as follows.
Posted 02 Jun 2021

Lerot says
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Posted 02 Sep 2022

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