Look at the party with thick legs! Pants with perfect comfort

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In the hot weather, although everyone wants to go out wearing only a small suspender + shorts, their figure is not allowed, and it is easy to be exposed to
"mandarin duck legs" by the sun.
If you have thick legs, it’s actually more suitable to wear long trousers, the upper body is full of comfort, and it can also hide the flesh and look thin.
And this summer, look for the following three kinds of pants, thick legs and
short legs can transform into a girl with fine legs. Are you sure you don't get
One, nine-point beam pants
In the energetic summer, sports-style trousers, loose and comfortable version, the upper body will not be stuffy, and because of the loose and tight
version design, let us say goodbye to the bloat. Of course, when matching, we
choose to wear one loose and one tight, one short and one long, and we can also
wear a more temperamental look.
And in order to wear a trendy sense, the classic and generous styles collide with this year's popular colors, and with ordinary tops, you can wear a super
nice look.
Of course, street girls prefer this kind of trousers decorated with plaid elements. The upper body is retro and handsome, and it is easy to dent a
personalized and eye-catching look. Of course, in order to wear slender and
straight leg lines, it is best to choose a nine-point design for trousers. Who
is not a girl with fine legs on the upper body!
A single product with a strong sense of design. If you want to unlock the high sense of fashion, you need to understand the law of balance, design fancy
elements, and collide with minimalist colors, so that the upper body can wear
Two, wide-leg mopping pants
This year the celebrities have started this wide-leg mopping pants. Of course, some people succeeded in following the trend, but some people stepped on
the thunder crazily and pressed it to the bottom of the box.
The upper body of mopping pants is prone to drag. We must use fabrics with a strong sense of drape when choosing models to increase the sense of lines of the
single product. Coupled with the method of wearing the waistline, you can modify
the shape of the legs and show the height and the aura.
If you want to be the focus of walking, choose this year's fashion colors, and you can create a stylish look without any effort. Because the pants are far
away from the face, even if we choose a color that is not easy to control, we
can match the top color of the base color to make the shape look individual
without exaggeration.
If the styling only has two colors of basic color + color, although it is not easy to have grooves in combination, it is not easy to wear a strong visual
impact. And a beautifully colored shoe and bag accessories, just complementary
to the colored items, can make your look more eye-catching!
Smart women prefer to use the clever combination of colors to create a bright look. Then you can refer to the collocation of this wide-leg mopping pants. The
collision of retro blue jeans and yellow blouse can easily make you dent the
image of a handsome and lively cool girl.
Of course, the choice of basic colors for shoe and bag accessories can enrich the color of the shape, and can also reduce the visual burden and make the shape
look more comfortable and beautiful.
Mopping pants lack a cool feeling. If we want to wear a look that matches the taste of summer, we also need to increase the refreshing feeling of the shape.
And we can wear cool and fashionable feeling by choosing cool colors or adding
holes in the exposed skin design, matching with ordinary tops.
In addition, a semi-conservative and semi-sexy dressing method can also make you wear a cool look. The suspenders and sleeveless tops, tops with strapless,
backless, and waistless designs are all good choices.
Three, chimney pants
Compared with mopping pants that can cover shoes, pants that can show part of the calf are more popular in summer. You can wear a cool and thin look without
worrying about matching.
But compared to the above two kinds of pants, this chimney pants can also be used for daily commuting and can create more styles. The flamboyant chimney
trousers with color matching are very suitable for the interpretation of Hong
Kong style. The simple yet cool T-shirt with cold metal earrings and lazy curly
hair looks elegant and generous.
The chimney pants of suit fabric look slightly formal, and the sister paper who pursues individuality, choose denim, leather, satin and other fabrics, you
can change the style of the single product, and deduce the casual or elegant
fashion charm.Read more at:red formal dresses | formal dresses perth
Posted 04 Jun 2021

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