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Music radio in the 80s was a thing of its time, and as such there was no concept of what a radio DJ could actually say on their airwaves. In short, they were there to plug in CD's into their earphones, and tell you about stories, songs, and trivia (if they could remember it at all). The format was more of an event, rather than anything that a radio host could call her own. For a long time this remained the case, with very few people stepping up to the mic to do anything other than plug in a disc, and calling out the words to a tune.

With the arrival of FM, on demand, as well as CD, radio DJ's began to stand out from their colleagues, and their station. Suddenly, a radio DJ could talk about a new album or gives an overview of upcoming events. This was a turning point for music radio. People began to realize that they had an option besides just plugging in a disc every so often. They had the power to choose who they listened to on their radio, and what they were saying about it.

Today, the world of music radio is vastly different. Instead of standing up on that microphone, a DJ has to know how to play the part of a song that will fit the words that the song was written for, and what beat should be used to accompany it. This is all made possible through the Internet, and through the introduction of HD radio. HD Radio can bring a song to your ears better than any CD or radio can, and is a standard in many countries now. Music radio in the twenty-first century has come a long way, and we're all hearing more of it every day.

Posted 07 Jun 2021

Jim78 says
My grandfather preferred the radio to listen to music and only occasionally put on vinyl records from his collection. My mom and dad spent a lot of time traveling in cars and listening to the radio. But I'm used to using the internet myself. Even when I can't do it, I listen to the music that I downloaded using quack mp3. It seems to me that I never part with headphones and my player.
Posted 21 Sep 2021

tomfor says
I create tracks very similar to 80s 90s music. I have my own channel on youtube. Thanks to youtube promotion I was able to collect already more than ten thousand subscribers!
Posted 29 Jun 2022

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