5 VC Tribes And How They Approach Startup Investing

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5 VC Tribes And How They Approach Startup Investing

When pitching for venture funding, finding a partner who shares your vision and outlook is critical. With VC investments lasting for around five years, or even longer, choosing the right firm is akin to choosing a co-founder. You need to know that investors understand your business and industry, but also that you can work together and communicate effectively, through all the extreme ups and downs that startups face. pg slot

Fortunately, rapid growth in the VC sector and a greater diversity of skills and approaches means that it’s getting easier to find a partner that aligns with your business. These ‘VC tribes’ each have their own distinct style of working, which means they’re suited to different types of businesses and entrepreneurs. Understanding these tribes and each one’s modus operandi is a good place to start when embarking on your own fundraising journey.
Here’s an overview of five of the most common VC tribes – although I’m sure there are more - and what to look out for with each one.

Posted 10 Jun 2021

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