Are the games relevant?

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Are the games relevant now? Does anyone play games on the computer or are online games popular now?
Posted 14 Jun 2021

Lusia63 says
The games are quite relevant right now. Many different and interesting games exist. For example, I like such games as: dota 2, outlast, minecraft. My favourite of the games is minekraft. I love this game. There you can show your imagination by creating servers. I have already created several . You can also meet new people and play together with them.
Posted 15 Jun 2021

CatsssKate says
I've heard more than once that a lot of people play games, so I think they are relevant.
Posted 18 Jun 2021

Keningro says
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Posted 22 Jun 2021

Grigion says
It depends on what kind of games we are talking about. For me personally, video games are very relevant at the moment. Of course, there will be opponents of video games on this forum, to whom I will advise you to visit the site with an article. Just read about the benefits of video games and do your favorite things, and I will continue to play.
Posted 23 Jun 2021

Kris44 says
Thank you for your advice, they helped me a lot.

audyt it

Posted 28 Jun 2021

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