Do you like traveling?

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Do you like traveling? what country do you dream to visit?
Posted 18 Jun 2021

Ruslan5202 says
I was born and grew up in Moscow, Soviet Union. So for a while traveling to outside was not an easy thing to do. But I did go to a lot of places that later on became independent countries.
Belarus. My roots are from there. Was going probably every few years, sometimes few times a year.
Was going almost every year on the Black sea resorts. On the train. Passing on the way Ukraine. Crimea and Odessa of course.
Went to Georgia. My best friend has a family in Kakheti. Loved it. Kinda North Italian like, vineyards and mountains impression.
Company I was working for (State Bank) had a huge Mercedes bus. So we went to Baltic states on it. On weekends. Estonia, Latvia. A lot of drinking involved. :) I was a kid..
Went on vacation with my mom to Latvia and Lithuania. Very Polish impression from Vilnius. Really hot blondes up there. I was 22 at the time. :)
Posted 20 Jun 2021

Marinad says
I cannot imagine my life without travel. for me it is the best way to spend my vacation, relax and get new and unforgettable emotions. Most of all I like to travel by plane, as it is fast and inexpensive. I constantly find cheap airlines, choose the country I want to visit and go in search of adventure and new emotions. I am sure that I will visit all countries of the world until the end of my life
Posted 20 Jun 2021

Fjdi says
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Posted 23 Jun 2021

Kevinn7 says
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Posted 28 Jun 2021

Sandal says
I do like travelling! It can be so exciting! You can find new places, people, improve foreign languages, enjoy your life! You can go here and there, on feet, by car, by bus, by train or plane, And you will anways get new emotions from your trips. Of course, you must have a plan and decide where and whom you would like to travel with. I always travel with members of my family. Sometimes we take friends with us. As everybody has his own willingness he have an amount of places to visit. The next one will be Mexico. It will be amazing, I am sure.

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Posted 23 Aug 2021

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