Does "sugar" really make you "aging fast"?

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Don't eat too much sugar or SLOTXO you'll get old quickly. Don't eat too much sweets, or your face will fade before your age. We have heard this word for a long time. Today, let's know the answer better whether it's true or not.
Sugar makes you age faster, probably true.
If you look at many of the research And the answer to this question is probably true. Studies have shown that eating large amounts of sugar is linked to aging and premature aging, and most importantly, shockingly, it doesn't just happen to the skin. It also affects our internal organs to age prematurely.
So how does sugar make you old?
Our skin contains collagen and elastin proteins as the main components.
When you eat a lot of sugar sugar enters the bloodstream The sugar in the skin is high.
As soon as it rises, it binds to proteins to form compounds that cause wrinkles.
The reason would be like this. When wrinkles make us old. It also decreases the elasticity of the skin. sagging Sugar helps speed up some substances that normally increase with age to be faster. It also affects the system in the body that makes the system work less. make our skin age faster
In the body system, to put it simply, sugar is involved in shortening the life of cells in the body. aging internal organs
There is an interesting study. A study of 5,309 people who drank sugar-sweetened beverages, who drank regularly, had shorter (aging) cell sizes, while those who drank 100% of the juice concentrate had longer cells.
Drinking about 2 cans of soft drinks a day. May shorten our lifespan, about 4.6 years ever.
Other disadvantages Sugar is another cause of diabetes, fatty liver can weaken the immune system as well.
Posted 27 Jun 2021

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