Do you have any health problems? How do you try to take care of your health? Do you have your own doctor?

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Do you have any health problems? How do you try to take care of your health? Do you have your own doctor? 
Posted 02 Jul 2021

EthannK says
I have no health problems because I take care of it. I drink every day the Coated Silver to enhance my immune. Because of the coating, Coated Colloidal Silver concentrate can be diluted in water, soups, tea, soda pop, coffee, or any other water-based liquid you may think of. It is tasteless and very efficient
Posted 03 Jul 2021

This and other noncommunicable diseases, such as obesity-related ailments, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, Buy Course Work and mental illness, have become the major cause of mortality and disability worldwide as people live longer than ever.
Posted 03 Jul 2021

Emma689 says
I hope no, because I`m feeling very well and that`s why i think so. I have my own doctor and I gues i will see him as soon as possible just to make sure that i`m healthy 
Posted 04 Jul 2021

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Posted 05 Jul 2021

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Posted 05 Jul 2021

Javai2 says
I have problems now. i can`t stop eating unhealthy food, i  sometimes even want to eat healthy but in huge portions, i can`t understand why and what i`m doing wrong 
Posted 16 Jul 2021

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Posted 16 Aug 2021

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Posted 12 Dec 2021

Lasatin says
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Posted 26 May 2022

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