Use "soap" that is not suitable for your skin. more dangerous than you think

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Skin is the first line of defense to protect the body from exposure to foreign bodies. Although each person has different skin types. But skin care is the main factor in protecting the skin from various diseases. One of the helpers to cleanse the skin thoroughly is “soap”.

“Soap” is a product used to clean the skin. wash the dirt Or fat from the skin, so using soap daily is a necessary hygiene. Choosing the right soap will help reduce the side effects that may occur, such as irritation, dry skin, contact dermatitis. Skin sensitive to chemicals, etc.

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Summarizing the importance of Soap is made from vegetable or animal fats. can be dissolved and rinsed with water Perfumes or colors may be mixed to achieve the desired scent or color.
There are many types of soaps depending on the ingredients used. They are divided into 4 types as follows:
Bar of soap looks like a lump of white or other colors. For external use only
Mild soap that looks like honey or jelly, clear yellow.
Liquid soap is a soap product that contains water as an ingredient, making the texture of liquid soap, various colors according to additives
The soap adds moisture to the skin.
There may also be different types of soap. Which has different ingredients according to the purpose of use, such as medicated soap, soap containing lanolin to moisturize the skin
soap selection depending on the nature of the skin If the soap is not suitable for the skin or improper use may cause skin irritation. dry, flaky, or withered If a lot of skin may be cracked. Generally, people with normal skin won't have this problem unless they use soap too often. causing the loss of the fat layer that is coated in the skin irritated and followed by skin rashes
for safety and good performance before using soap Carefully read the ingredients on the label. And choose a soap that is suitable for your skin type too.

Posted 08 Jul 2021

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