Wi-Fi signals can detect intruders.

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[img width=850,height=377]https://www.img.in.th/images/65f86dab69a9c85a0b0bfc4263eb0dd6.jpg[/img]Home security companies often use cameras and sensors to detect the movement of intruders.
But VOA?????xocorrespondent Tina Trinh has reported that using Wi-Fi signals could be a simpler, less invasive way of monitoring privacy.
Privacy and security concerns can be challenging when it comes to home security. Most of which rely on multiple cameras connected to each other.
But one company says that home Wi-Fi signals can do the same thing without worrying about privacy.
Daniel Bugos, production manager at Origin Wireless, said the company relies on Wi-Fi signals to help detect movements in buildings. And when someone moves through the signal, it will change the nature or pattern of the Wi-Fi signal.
Origin's Wi-Fi signal detection technology monitors patterns or changes in signal waves in different areas. which is unusual
In addition, Origin's Hex Home technology generates waves that can travel between walls and around every corner, just like normal Wi-Fi signals.
Daniel Bugos also explains that using two devices The two devices interact with each other to help determine how much is moving through this signal. where users can check various movements in real time through the app that comes with the device which if no one is home The signal image will be blank. But if someone is in the house, you will see fluctuations in the signal from moving around.
The adjustable sensitivity level filters motion from pets or mechanical objects such as fans, and our human biological component, which is mainly composed of water, also allows this system to differentiate between humans and objects. inanimate as well
In addition, this technology may be a less invasive way to privacy for those who care for the elderly at home. For example, there will be a warning signal when an elderly person falls by sensing an accelerated motion signal and then slows down and stops.
Daniel Bugos says the device can detect sudden changes in speed. which indicates an accident that can happen to the elderly And it can be called a technology that helps to relax. without having to have the eyes of others to spy
Posted 11 Jul 2021

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