When is it best to eat whey protein for your body?

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When is it best to eat whey protein for your body?
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Whey protein is a supplement that helps build muscles for those who exercise. It also helps the immune system to improve. Prevent heart disease and diabetes and other health benefits
While whey protein is obtained from animal milk or from plants such as beans, and other compounds are extracted, leaving only protein. Then lead to the drying process to produce a powder form. to eat more easily and can be stored for a long time Each brand has a different price. It depends on the production process and the raw material of origin.
Trainer Chan-Anan Apinan gave advice about the timing of eating whey that For the period when whey protein works the best. Is the time when our body has low levels of amino acids. which is before bedtime or during a new awakening, including after exercise and when feeling very hungry
Most people tend to take whey protein with their main meals. To help maintain physical health and reduce the figure to look good Because eating all 5 food groups will help your body burn fat better. Which we can eat the main meal with whey protein without any side effects at all.
eating enough nutritious food and eat whey protein as well It will help the body get useful and necessary nutrients. It is highly advisable not to take whey protein instead of the main meal. Because whey protein is just a supplement that will help us lose weight. and build muscle instead

Posted 14 Jul 2021

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