How do I get transported between continents?

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Much of the leveling process between 1 and 60 takes place between the continents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. This guide, regardless of whether you are from the Alliance or the Horde, recommends that you travel between continents all the time to take advantage of the experience that missions from around the world can give you. The reason for this is that you will find zones of all levels on both sides of the map in best WoW Classic TBC healer.
Each faction has its own completely free transport mechanism between continents. The Alliance has at its disposal three main and two secondary docks. This is how each one works:
The ports of the Alliance
Menethil Harbor (The Wetlands / Eastern Kingdoms): The ship on the right moves to Auberdine (Darkshore / Kalimdor) and the one on the left moves to Theramore (Dustwallow Marsh / Kalimdor).
Auberdine (Darkshore / Kalimdor): The ship on the left goes to Menethil Harbor (The Wetlands / Eastern Kingdoms), the central one goes to Teldrassil (Darnassus location) and the one on the right goes to Azuremyst Isle ( location of The Exodar).
Theramore Island (Dustwallow Marsh / Kalimdor): Its only route takes the player to Menethil Harbor.
Teldrassil (Kalimdor): This minor route connects only to Auberdine (Darkshore).
Azuremyst Isle (Kalimdor): This minor route connects only to Auberdine (Darkshore).
There are three sea routes at the Auberdine quay. The boat on the left is heading to Menethil Harbor (The Wetlands), the central boat goes to Teldrassil (Darnassus city) and the boat on the right goes to Azuremyst Isle (The Exodar).
Additionally, the Underground Tram connects Stormwind to Ironforge for free. To get on it, you must access it from the Dwarven District (Stormwind) or Handyman City (Ironforge).
Zeppelins of the Horde
For its part, the Horde has zeppelins piloted by goblins that transport players. This is how each station works:
Orgrimmar (Durotar / Kalimdor): The zeppelin on the left is destined for the Grom’gol camp (Stranglethorn Valley / Eastern Kingdoms) and the one on the right to Tirisfal Glades (Undercity / Eastern Kingdoms location).
Grom’gol Camp (Stranglethorn Vale / Eastern Kingdoms): The closest zeppelin to the sea transports to and from Orgrimmar (Durotar / Kalimdor), while the other maintains a route to Tirisfal Glades (Undercity location).
Tirisfal Glades (near Ruins of Lordaeron or Undercity / Eastern Kingdoms): the only route connects to Orgrimmar.
There are two air routes at Orgrimmar Zeppelin Station. The one on the left goes to the Grom’gol camp (Stranglethorn Valley) and the one on the right goes to Claros de Tirisfal (where the Undercity is).
There is also a free way to go from Undercity to Silvermoon or vice versa. It is through the Orb of transfer, that just by touching it teleports you to the other city. You can find it at the top of the Ruins of Lordaeron.
Apart from these systems, there is a neutral sea lane. It connects the ports of Trinquete (The Barrens / Kalimdor) with Booty Bay (Stranglethorn Valley / Eastern Kingdoms).
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