4 negative effects of chronic sleep deprivation directly affects the functioning of the brain

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Usually, each day we should get at least 8 hours of restful sleep so that the body can repair the wear and tear effectively. But at the xo same time, living in today's life causes more sleep deprivation behaviors. until becoming a normal behavior that everyone is used to Today we have brought 4 negative effects of chronic sleep deprivation to share with everyone. The disadvantages of chronic sleep deprivation are as follows:
1. Fall asleep in the air
short naps that many people have faced with a name called “Sleeping in the air” or “sleeping”, which is the effect of chronic sleep deprivation. It is caused by the sleep-deprived or sleep-deprived part of the thalamus of the brain for a short period of time. It can last for about a second or even half a minute. These symptoms cause chronic sleep deprivation to be napping, not awake, slow to perceive and not responding to any perception. This is dangerous for people who are driving or performing tasks that require speed or precision.
2. have a mental illness
Of course, chronic sleep deprivation contributes to mental health conditions. Also known as psychosis, such as having deaf ears, hallucinations, fear of being hurt and delusional, some have symptoms similar to those with bipolar disorder or bipolar disorder. Also known as Bipolar Disorder, the symptoms of bipolar affective disorder are characterized by unusually cheerful mood or have an unusually sad mood It also causes irritability easily. The irritability will be more or less depending on the severity of sleep deprivation as well.
resulting in a slower learning process
As many people know, sleep deprivation in general It is likely to affect brain function. Of course, chronic sleep deprivation has far more serious consequences. Because chronic sleep deprivation affects the functioning of the brain in different parts. To work differently, for example, the front of the brain will make learning from words worse. And the part of the temporal lobe slows down language learning.
4. Ischemic stroke
The results of the medical study reported that A number of people with headaches and poor memory When a brain x-ray was examined, it was found that there was a stroke. which, when traced back to the patient's history, found that Many of these patients had a history of insufficient sleep. When this group of patients changed their behavior by sleeping more. It was found that the cerebral artery stenosis had improved.
It can be seen that these 4 negative effects of chronic sleep deprivation are always harmful to our lives. The best remedy is to try to get enough sleep. and should not be sleep deprived like in the past because it may cause symptoms It happened again until it was difficult to heal.
Posted 19 Jul 2021

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