limb weakness from ALS

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ALS is a relatively unknown disease. Until the IceBucket trend came to campaign for people to turn to donate money to help patients with this disease around the world. The disease became known and people became more aware of its silent danger. For ALS, it is caused by degeneration of the nervous system. What's more frightening is that when it happens, there's no cure for it.

The patient suffers under the gradual deterioration of the body while the mind remains as fresh as ever. Even a disease without pain But it creates an unexplained mental suffering. It's like being strapped in a snug room where you can't move your body. Patients with this disease can only live for 2-5 years and die inevitably.
This disease even occurs directly on the muscles of the body. But the cause of it is a degenerative condition of the neurons that control the functioning of the muscles. including abnormal control of motor neurons Symptoms that occur patients will have muscle weakness in the limbs.

Then the other muscles will gradually lose strength. not even the external muscles But the oral tissues and organs It will be out of control as well. This makes it necessary for some people to attach a feeding tube through the esophagus. due to the inability to chew food by himself Slurred speech, drooping eyelids, or, in some cases, so severe that they cannot breathe on their own.

The risk group that is often found from the population of 100,000 people has a chance of meeting only 4-5 people or 1.5%, which is considered a rare incidence. Most of them are in the age group in the 60s and over with no exact cause. In addition, patients with this disease also found that they did not feel the initial symptoms before.
When found again, the symptoms are so severe that it is difficult to treat. Most of the initial symptoms are similar to those of other common illnesses. is having symptoms of being easily tired, panting, having to wake up to breathe in the middle of the night difficulty swallowing Frequent choking and may require ventilation in older patients
In conclusion, myasthenia gravis caused by the two diseases mentioned above. All of them are dangerous and directly affect the daily routine of the patient. Therefore, the good way for those who are still physically fit should not be complacent. Go for a physical examination every year to find out about any abnormalities. that might happen and make it possible to treat the symptoms in a timely manner Although some are only supporting symptoms. But it is considered to help extend the life of the patient to have a longer life.

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Posted 19 Jul 2021

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