"Itchy butt often" Why? 11 things to check symptoms before you encounter a serious disease!

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Anal itching is an itchy sensation around the anus, in some people intermittently. But some people find that itchy buttocks all the time. The point is that it often itches in the butt after going to the bathroom. And the symptoms will get worse when you find yourself stressed. or be in a place The weather is hot. Of course, itching buttocks affects the body as well. Because it may cause the skin in that area to become infected.
So we have to find the cause first. Butt itching is caused by what exactly?

11 things to check the symptoms of "itchy butt often"
See if the anus is wet and stuffy: it may be caused by excessive sweating. Or go to the bathroom and wipe not clean.
Sudden onset of disease: eg, allergy symptoms, rash.
Diseases at that time: explore if we have symptoms of psoriasis or eczema?
Chronic Constipation: This can cause stool to leak out around it. mouth anus and itching
Fecal Incontinence: Allows stool to seep out as well. causes itching
Infections: Infections in the skin around the mouth and anus, such as fungal infections, scabies, herpes, warts, and parasites
Irritant exposure: Have you noticed what irritating items you are using?
Hemorrhoids: It can cause itching.
Serious conditions: Some serious diseases include conditions that cause itching, such as lymphoma, kidney disease, liver disease.
Antibiotic use: results in diarrhea. itchy anus Ask your doctor and pharmacist.
Food is the culprit: especially spicy food. Including cheese, dairy products, too much tea, beer.

If itchy… how to fix it?
Let's check the 11 causes first, then reduce and avoid inappropriate behaviors to reduce symptoms.
You shouldn't scratch, as scratching harder can cause abrasions and infection.
Don't let the anal area get wet and stuffy.
Try to adjust your diet, focusing on fruits and vegetables to avoid constipation.
Reduce spicy food first.
Do not use foreign objects that may irritate the area.
"Butt itching" isn't a serious symptom, but it can be a sign of a serious illness. Start checking your own hygiene first. and see a doctor when the symptoms get worse and affect daily life or bleeding Including finding that I started to have a chronic wound that doesn't heal.

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Posted 21 Jul 2021

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