Drought: How Desert Beetles May Help Solve Water Shortages

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By 2025, nearly a quarter of the slot xo world's population could face water shortages from drought. For this reason, scientists are trying to find a way to solve this problem. One beetle inspired innovations to fight drought.
This animal is Namib Desert Beetle who live in the Namib Desert in Africa One of the driest lands in the world
Fog Chaser: The Man Who Brings Water to the Poor
Drought : In 2020, Thailand will have severe and long drought until the middle of the year.
Turn a barren desert into a garden of paradise with Liquid Nano Clay.
Due to its clever physical appearance, this beetle survives the drought. They trap water droplets in the mist blowing from the coast. by standing with his head bowed on top of a sand dune
The back of the beetle has a rough surface. At the top can trap water. And a concave arc with water repellency allows small water droplets from the mist to stick on the surface and flow together. Then the Earth's gravity will eventually pull water droplets into the beetle's mouth.
Now a team of scientists in the UK have developed a special feature of the beetle's back into roof tiles. To help trap water droplets from fog. And it helps hospitals in Africa store clean water for further drug production.

Posted 27 Jul 2021

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