Food that the more you eat, the more hungry!

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The more food you eat, the more hungry you are. Reminds girls who like to eat as a soul. Did you know that the more you eat, the more hungry you become? and may make fat girls unknowingly !

          Choosing to eat It is important for you girls who want to have a slim body. However, the girls may not know that the food they eat each day will be an important factor to make girls fat easily because today there are certain types of food that make girls eat more and more hungry. The more hungry you are, the more you eat. And finally, obesity will come unconsciously. Therefore, for girls who want to have a good shape, it should be studied at all that there are any types of food that we need to be careful. Which today's jar dot com has information on 10 foods that the more you eat, the more hungry you leave each other. But what menu will there be? Let's go and see.

 1. Pizza
          Pizza is a great source of carbohydrates. Because it is made from wheat flour, oil, cheese, and most importantly, it also contains preservatives. This decreases your blood sugar levels and your ability to produce satiety hormones, which in turn makes you hungry faster.
 2. Cereal
          Cereals are foods that contain wheat flour and sugar as their main ingredient. Even if it's an easy breakfast But eating cereal for breakfast can cause fluctuations in insulin levels in your body. This will result in less efficient sugar metabolism. Causes the body to become tired and hungry easily.
 3. Artificial sugar
          Artificial sugar, although it can help reduce sugar intake, but girls know that this one doesn't make them less hungry. It also makes us eat more as well. This is because the sweetener instead of sugar stimulates brain cells to feel. like eating sugar This will cause variability in insulin levels, not unlike eating sugar at all. And it will also make it easy to get hungry as well.
 4. White Bread
          White bread is made from wheat. that have been colored and processed until the fibers are completely gone Thus, there is almost no dietary fiber left. Therefore, it is not surprising that the more you eat, the more hungry
 5. Sushi
          Sushi is made up mostly of rice. So it's no different from eating bread. which when ingested will be digested quickly and it will make you hungry faster
 6. MSG
Eating foods that contain MSG into it. This blocks the action of hormones that suppress hunger and create a feeling of fullness. to weaken This will make us feel hungry more often enough.
 7. Alcohol
          Drinking alcohol will make you hungrier. Because alcohol disrupts the activity of hormones that help eliminate hunger by up to 30%.
 8. Fast Food
          Fast food is a fiber-free food that makes you feel full. It also causes fluctuations in insulin levels in the body as well. So it's not uncommon to make you feel hungry quickly. Shortly after eating fast food
 9. Snacks
          Snacks are usually salty. The saltiness is what stimulates the body's dehydration and causes thirst, causing cravings for sweet drinks and other cravings.
 10. Juice
          Ladies, did you know that the fruit juices that are sold in general stores do not contain any fiber? When drinking, besides not being pregnant It also makes you hungry more than ever.
          And here are 10 foods that the more you eat, the more you get hungry. When girls know and can avoid it, they should avoid it. Because these foods will make girls hungry faster and also need something to eat more and more. Finally, be careful not to get fat, girls.

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Posted 29 Jul 2021

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