How to care and prevent yeast acne, fungal acne

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Yeast acne is not one hundred percent preventable. But if you don't want to cause yeast acne fungal acne or if it used to be and don't want it to be repeated Here are some simple prevention tips:
          1. Always wash your face and body thoroughly. Or use antifungal soaps and shampoos. Helps to control the growth of fungi on the skin too much.
          2. If a person sweats a lot You should absorb sweat on your face or body often. If convenient, bring a change of clothes at all.
          3. Refrain from applying makeup, applying sunscreen and all kinds of skin care products that are at risk of clogging.
          4. Consuming probiotics such as yogurt, fruit and vegetables, miso soup can also help your body fight off the overgrowth of fungi.
acne treatment
          It can be seen that yeast acne is actually similar to acne. But if it is not treated properly, there is no way to be cured. Therefore, a diagnosis should be made directly with a dermatologist. Including the use of each drug should be under the advice of a doctor and pharmacist. Because if the drug is not used correctly, it may cause more serious adverse reactions. and will not be able to warn you
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