Exoskeleton technology to increase the productivity of labor-intensive industries

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Imagine wearing aslotxo high-tech armor that makes you immensely stronger and more powerful.
This technology is specifically called Exoskeleton (exoskeleton) Sounds like a costume from the superhero movie Iron Man.
but in real life More and more people around the world are wearing this device.
One manufacturer is SuitX in California. The United States is expected to produce a large number of this series.
“There is no doubt that these devices will be sold at hardware stores,” said SuitX founder Homayun Caseruni. You can easily find them at Home Depot -- building materials and home furnishing stores in the US."
Simply put, the Exoskeleton set. It is an external device that supports Cover and protect users Make it stronger and more durable.
Sometimes this set is also called. They may be battery-powered and computer-operated, have motors and hydraulics. Or maybe it's not that complicated. It is designed for support using springs.
Exoskeleton It is also designed to help protect users.
"Combining man and machine into one system It opens up more opportunities in new areas,” said Adrian Sprag, technology specialist at Accenture. said the management consultant. “Many previous applications have focused on medical and military applications. But over the years It is being used in more and more cases.”
this expansion which comes with the rapid advancement of technology Increased use of Exoskeleton for manufacturing workers in the manufacturing sector. In addition, many consumer products are being developed to help people make things easier. From repairing or crafting things yourself, to walking, climbing stairs and other everyday activities.
One report stated that Doing so will result in skyrocketing sales. According to a study by ABI Research, Exoskeleton's worldwide revenue is expected to increase from $392 million in 2020 to $6.8 billion (approx. 2.14 billion baht) in 2030
The SuitX 'suits' are being tested by General Motors and Fiat. Human Engineering Laboratory), University of California Berkeley said that Exo's first benefit of the company's Keleton is Prevention of muscle fatigue
Bioservo's Ion Hand responds to the movements of the wearer
"We show that Muscle activity in the back, shoulders and knees decreases by 50%,” he says. that means The risk of muscle injury is less.”
"This means The factory or plant manager will be more productive. Their insurance costs will be lower. And the number of working days lost to injuries is also less. It has reduced costs and increased productivity.”
General Motors is looking for a battery-powered Exoskeleton glove developed by Swedish company Bioservo.
Posted 01 Aug 2021

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