Good woman and bad woman discourse

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UN Women activists and ambassadors view that Thai society has a framework that frames the expressions and lifestyles of women. This framework is a discourse of good and bad women that is a product of a patriarchal thought system. and has served in framing women for a long time

The patriarchal system is behind every gender-based violence. Serves to produce a good woman, a bad woman. It revolves around society and surrounds people with information that is believed to be true. Casting people in society to believe that being a good woman is a good thing. Women have to act in this frame. This way of thinking is very violent. Because people can't see that they are framing women into good girls' boxes to keep women in control. be in discipline under control

“Framing women makes it easy to work on the patriarchy. because it is believed to make women docile, obedient, obedient, and listen be a defensive citizen This idea is embedded in the belief system of everyone in society. not just men but in every human being Regardless of their gender or sexual orientation when buried It will cause discrimination against women. Put a woman in a box under being a good woman,” explains Ajarn Dr. Chanettie.
Women are expected to perform the duties of femininity in a masculine way of thinking. A woman must be white, clean, tidy, and act as a mother and wife. Khun Tararat gave an example of Khun Lan Label's case by using the framework of the good woman and the bad woman discourse. This allows us to see the characteristics of femininity that are labeled as bad and not valued.

“A good woman must not work pretty. That is, if it's pretty, it will be seen as a bad woman. no self worth It is the framework of society to see that a good woman has only one trait. So when the incident happened when the victim is not within the framework of a good woman defined by the people in society So people are aiming at the woman who was persecuted first. which frame the discourse that bad women work this way A woman who has no self-worth. Whatever happens, we deserve only insults and condemnations. It's a decision based on work behavior, even though that work doesn't cause anyone any trouble,” said Tararat.

However, being a good woman does not empower women. but to surrender and use the system Women follow the norms of good women to make society see themselves as good people. In this issue, Mr. Wiphaphan Wongsawang, the founder of the website joker gaming emphasizes that being a good woman is a problem. because goodness is not the only one and the fact that women accept that there is only one good thing and try to make themselves known by society as a good person That means that women cannot produce their own goodness and self-worth. but must be accepted by society Like Ajarn Dr. Chanetti, who thinks that being a good woman doesn't make women free. but to comply with the expectations of society This requires women to be aware and free from the shackles of power that dominate and direct women under the discourse.

“I have to ask that good woman. Did you break the boundaries and be free? That independence is what is important in human beings. But most people do not know that this is important. because we were ordained and set goals We are like puppets destined to reach a certain goal. But the goal is not from our own inner voice. But we do it because society expects, puts pressure on us and wants us to be.” Dr. Chanetti explained.

Posted 02 Aug 2021

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