"Tuberculosis", a contagious disease that still exists in Thailand and around the world

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Disease It often happens168that we don't make it to ourselves. In particular, disease or contagious diseases that can cause death, it often does not show immediate symptoms. But wait for internal organs to be damaged before the symptoms start to tell the disease
For Thai people Cancer is a very terrible disease. And is the number 1 cause of death in the Thai population But besides cancer, there is another disease that is equally frightening. It is also a contagious disease that is easily contagious, that is, "tuberculosis".
Get to know "tuberculosis"
Tuberculosis is a contagious disease caused by bacteria. Mycobacterium Which bacteria Mycobacterium There are many species here. The most common and problematic species in Thailand is Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Therefore, the cause of tuberculosis illness is infection. Not caused by heredity And is a disease that can occur to every organ in the body From hair, skin, bones, pleura, lymph nodes Spine, joints, abdomen, urinary system The reproductive system, nervous system and nasal passages mostly occur in the lungs, making "pulmonary tuberculosis".
More than 85 percent of tuberculosis is found in the lungs. But when the lungs are already infected The infection can spread to other organs, making them very dangerous and different. But there are some patients infected with tuberculosis outside the lungs. The spread of the infection to other organs occurs in approximately 25 percent, most commonly where the bone is painful and the skin is chronically infected.
Tuberculosis is transmitted through the respiratory system by coughing, sneezing, talking or breathing. In such a way that others have the opportunity to come into contact with the patient's saliva. When the patient coughs, sneezes, speaks or acts other symptoms that cause the saliva droplets to come out. These bacteria are present in the aerosol of the phlegm. Very fine nebulizer particles, 1-5 microns, will be dispersed in the air for hours.
But this one can be destroyed by heat. In the meantime If it is a large nebulizer When sprayed out, it will fall to the ground and dry. Does not float in the air And some large nebulis will be filtered into the nasal mucosa, which does not cause disease.
The horrors of tuberculosis It comes from the fact that most people infected with tuberculosis do not show symptoms. But there is an infection in the body and can be a carrier Whenever the body gets weak Decreased immunity Symptoms will begin to show. Because the infection will enter the lungs gradually, bite and eat, destroy the pulmonary tissue until the lungs become a hole wound
After inhaling TB bacteria into the lungs The immune body will be able to kill germs. But if not all killed The infection will remain in the white blood cells. Divide the sample slowly until there is a sufficient quantity that allows the body to create an immune response. This stage can be detected by skin testing. Before the body is immune, the infection spreads to the lymphatic system and the bloodstream to the organs. If the body is fully immune, it does not divide or divide much more slowly. And will not infect or cause disease
People at risk of contracting TB In fact, we all have the same risk. Because it is an infection that floats in the air Therefore have the opportunity to get the infection from anywhere But those who are at high risk Is a person who lives together with a person who is sick with tuberculosis Being in an area with an outbreak People who live in crowded areas From joint breathing And people with low body immunity, such as the elderly, diabetics HIV-infected patients, kidney disease patients, and cancer patients.
How likely are we to get sick with tuberculosis?
Tuberculosis is considered a serious contagious disease. According to the Department of Disease Control and the Tuberculosis Division, citing the Global Tuberculosis Report 2019, the World Health Organization categorizes the countries with high TB ??burden into three groups:
TB is 30 countries with high TB.
TB / HIV is one of the 30 countries with high levels of HIV-infected TB.
MDR-TB is one of the 30 countries with highly drug-resistant TB.
Thailand is one of the 14 countries with high TB ??burden in all three groups, with a total of 85,029 new and recurrent cases registered, 57,824 males and 27,205 females. Males were found to suffer from twice as much tuberculosis than females, and 6,098 deaths from tuberculosis, accounting for 7.17 percent.
In addition, HIV-infected tuberculosis was also found because people with HIV have impaired immunity. 6,780 people logged in and 5,391 received antiretroviral drugs, found drug-resistant tuberculosis. There were 1,312 confirmed cases, 910 secondary grout treatments.
The important thing is to keep an eye on people who have been infected but have 
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