How To Choose Wig Color According To Your Skin Color

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Do you want to change your hair color to have a flattering look? Have you worried changing Colored Wig regularly causes chemical damage to your hair? In this case, colored wigs are a great option to change your hair color but not damage your hair. However, whether you want to choose a hair color that is closer to your natural hair color or try some different hair colors, it is tricky to choose a Highlight Wig that matches you very well. We have pulled together some factors you must consider before buying colored wigs to help you enjoy your colored wigs trip.

Choose Perfect Hair Colors According To Your Skin Tones
If it is the first time for you to choose a wig, we sincerely advise you to gain a hair color that is closer to your natural hair. And it is very essential to choose Colored Lace Front Wigs that match your skin tone. Because those hair colors that are close to your own skin tone or slightly lighter than your skin tone will brighten your complexion and make you younger and more alive. Besides, the strong contrast between your hair color and skin tone will complement your facial features and make you outstanding in the crowd.

You may often hear people say cool tone or warm tone. Do you know how to distinguish your skin tone is warm or cool? There are some ways to determine your skin tone.

First of all, the great way to determine your skin tone is to check the color of your veins. But we recommend you looking at the veins in and around your face and neck to get a relatively reliable result. If you can see blue or purple veins on your wrists, it means you have a cool tone. If the color of your veins is green, then you have a warm tone. And if you can’t tell whether your veins are green or blue, you may have a neutral skin tone that is a mixture of cool and warm tones.

Secondly, think about whether you look better in silver or gold. As usual, the cool tone tends to be flattered by silver color, and those people with warm tones look better in gold-colored clothes, while neutral skin tones look equally great in both colors.

For cool skin tones, it is better to go for orange red, golden blonde, honey blonde, or brown color. For example, honey blonde wigs, brown highlight wigs, and so on. However, for warm skin tone, pick up the platinum hue, such as blonde color wigs or silver grey color wigs.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

Posted 05 Aug 2021

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