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I want to go to live in America, and I was looking for the conditions under which it is possible to do so. It takes a very long time to open a visa. Maybe you know a way to do it faster?
Posted 15 Aug 2021

WeigelP says
Honestly, I didn't even think how it could be done any faster. It seems to me that opening a visa is kind of the only way you have. Especially now there's a quarantine and without a visa and vaccination you can't go anywhere. So go ahead and open a visa.
Posted 16 Aug 2021

AlanWeb says
Of course, nothing is done quickly. It's only in fairy tales. But I know that there is a great way to get an EB-5 visa. Especially if you have the money. Getting this visa opens the door to America for you and your family.  Contact https://migronis.com for more information.
Posted 16 Aug 2021

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