Studies have shown that extra finger can help you do activities more fluently.

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The "da Silva" family from Brazil, up to 14 members of the family with 6 fingers and toes on each side.
Polydactyl is a condition in which peopleslotxogrow more fingers or toes than normal. This is normal at a rate of 1 in every 500 people. It was previously thought that fingers 6 and above were useless. It also hinders the daily activities as well.
However, a recent study by a team of scientists from Imperial College London (ICL) published in the journal Nature Communications. Found that the extra finger can help to do various activities more fluently. without burdening the bones and muscles of normal fingers And it doesn't confuse brain function as doctors predict.
According to the 52-year-old mother and 17-year-old son, both were born with six fingers and a toe. where an extra finger grows between the thumb and index finger.
The researcher found that Both mothers and daughters can easily perform complex tasks with their hands. Even tying shoelaces with one hand is easy. They can fold paper to print messages on your cell phone. Or playing a video game designed to have special obstacles better than the average person.
The average person with five fingers They may not have as good hand skills as someone with excess fingers.
Brain scans of both mothers were performed while working on their assignments. found that the brain is working harder than usual but not to the point of being burdensome or confusing to think It was also found that the brain developed particular control of the sixth finger.
The results of the analysis of the structure of the finger above the finger It was found to consist of three bones like a normal finger. It has its own muscles and ligaments. It can also move other fingers like a thumb.
Doctors originally considered an excess finger to be a congenital defect and were often considered amputated shortly after the baby was born with an excess finger. But this latest study may confirm that. The doctor should first place an extra finger on the baby. Because it is likely to benefit more than punishment in the future.

Posted 24 Aug 2021

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