How much would it cost to build a food delivery app like UberEats but only a hybrid?

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The cost to develop a food ordering & delivery app like UberEats is not constant as it varies depending on the individual business requirements. Some of the predominant elements that contribute to the UberEats Clone app development cost are explained below.

The features and functionality of the app play a vital role in determining the cost. Including additional features requires quite a huge investment. When you have budget constraints for app development, you can choose to prefer only the essential features. 

Most importantly, developing and launching a food delivery app on both Android & iOS is a little expensive compared to launching on any one platform.

The app design should be user-friendly and appealing to draw attention from a broader customer base.

The app developer’s geolocation is another key element that decides the app development cost. The Europe and America based companies charge around $120 - $250 per hour. Whereas, the India based companies charge in the range of between $10 and $80. 

The technology stack used to develop the UberEats Clone app and third-party service integrations is also a considerable element that takes part in framing the cost structure.

In a nutshell, the cost to develop a basic version of a food delivery app may range from about $4500 - $12000. In case, if you opt for an advanced app version, the cost will elevate. 

Precisely saying, you can reach out to the right technology partner and get a free quote to know exact cost details for UberEats like app development.

Posted 26 Aug 2021

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