How To Put The Headband Wig On My Head

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Do you want to change your style and choose a new fashion wig? Do you want to increase the length of your hair and change the volume of your hair? Fashionable and comfortable Headband Wig provide you with the most natural look and meet all your needs.

How To Put The Headband Wig On My Head?
Let me show you guys the inside, you have two clips, this clip is right here and then you have a back clip. So you can clip the back and you put in a Headband Wig Human Hair, I'm going to brush on my hair, it's already proctored and I had like a braided ponytail in earlier, so that's why it's like high up. I brush my hair into a little ponytail.

I hope this color blends into my hair. This wig is like 1b. I don't know if I should lay my edges like before or after the wig but let me just try it on and get an idea of how it's going to fit on my head. I think it'll look better if this isn't a middle part. It needs to be brushed back.

I really hope it looks cute on everyone. Now we can put this Curly Headband Wig on my head. I'm just gonna take this clip up top put that on the clip the back. Then I take the headband to attach it like that.

There's a lot of hair, so make sure that the bottom clip is attached probably either if you have someone to help you. Hold this hair up while you do the back. It's a little difficult maybe I just put a ponytail real quick. Then I will put some of my real hair out to like to make it look more natural.

Where's my freaking edge brush, let's lay our edges really fast. I don't know what I was expecting and to be honest, I like my hair pushed back which is why I like ponytails. I like this look, it's just hard to get that with front toes because when so like with side parts, middle parts a little easier, but when you want to work your frontal straight back, you got to do so much more customization. It looks really natural.

Let's put on the headbands. It feels so secure if I want literally just put in a ponytail like this and just make sure the clip is hooked in the back now. Make sure we looking natural still this would be a cute gym wig. It's so good and so natural, it's considered a wig that it doesn't feel tight.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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