Basketball - Things to Do Before Games

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You should warm up and stretch before you go to any training sessions or games.
If you are unsure whether stretching and warm up before exercising is necessary, take a look at the next NBA game. The players will already be sweating from the warm-up and stretching before the team calls out the starting 5. Many of them have been on the court for more than an hour getting ready for the game joel embiid injury..
People really want to know why stretching and warming up are so important. The answer is easy. Warming up increases blood flow to muscles and makes them more ready for exercise. Stretching is a repetition of warm up, and also helps to make them limber.
One great example of this is a piece made from rubber. A piece of rubber that is cold is hardy, brittle and easy to stretch. Further, if you cool a rubber piece in the freezer, it becomes brittle and easier to break. This is how muscles feel before stretching and warming up.
This rubber can be warmed up to make it easier to bend and stretch, but also to break. You can think of it as a blu-tack. It is easy to remove a piece of packaging. It will eventually warm up and allow you to stretch it quite far if you keep doing this over and over. Warm muscles will feel like a warm rubber piece. It is much more difficult to stretch when it is warm. The risk of injury is decreased, while the performance in the game increases.
Warming up is important for getting into the game. After a few minutes of shooting, your body will start to prepare for the game. Your mind will also get into game mode. With your mind focused on the basketball zone, you will be able to see the court clearly.
Keep your muscles warm by moving around, jogging or hitting the ball. You can then begin to stretch after you have started to sweat. This will increase your game performance as well as decrease the risk of injury.
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Posted 28 Aug 2021

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