Have you ever tried to create your own channel on Twitch or YouTube?

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What difficulties did you encounter when you tried to create your channel? What did you find most difficult? Tell us about it, maybe it will help someone.
Posted 30 Aug 2021

markbula24 says
–     When Itried to design my channel, the first thing I encountered was that I couldn't
even think of a name for the channel. I thought about the name for a month,
until a friend of mine advised me the name generator service. This miracle
service only needed a few keywords that could be related to you or your brand.
The service will give you dozens of different options to choose from within
minutes. It can also be used if you can't come up with a social networking
nickname or your email address name. It's a very good service that I can
recommend to everyone.
Posted 30 Aug 2021

Nandroid says
Beforeyou get down to business and just pick a twitch names or alias that sounds
best, there is some information you should think about. Keep it short and
simple. Make sure your name or alias fits the Twitch community and its terms.
Remember what kind of content you want to broadcast. By sticking to these basic
rules, you can create a name for your channel easily and easily. 
Posted 31 Aug 2021

Nekita says
–      Once upon a time, I thought aboutstarting to create an automotive contraption, but it all remained only on the
level of thoughts. I was faced with the fact that to do this you need not only
skills, but also decent equipment. I didn't really want to spend money on
something that might not make money. That's probably the biggestchallenge everyone faces.
Posted 31 Aug 2021

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