Farmall tractor and wagons planters

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Just got home from Easter dinner at wife's folks. They want a big wishing well to replace the one that rotted away .... and the tractor (with Farmall colors) would be icing on the cake. I thought you did a thread with the measurements on the tractor earlier, Not sure if there was wishing well or not.

Will lumberyard pine work - painted and sparred?

Posted 08 Sep 2021

sashatrew says
[code]hmmm... I don't know[/code]
Posted 08 Sep 2021

tedbuteda says
A nice-looking lawn is a must in my opinion. Not so long ago, I had the pleasure of visiting my uncle. While the visit itself left plenty of great memories, his lawn looked absolutely terrible. I couldn't stand the look of it and decided to take the matter into my own hands. It took me a whole day, but I'm proud to say that I succeeded. His lawn never looked better! It was kinda tough to handle the job without the right dump cart, but I managed to make do with what I had. Anyway, if you're looking for one, I could think of this guide to help you out.
Posted 08 Sep 2021

angelmans says
Farmall tractors were not the first tractors on farms, but they were the first truly versatile machines. The gearbox, engine, and hydraulic systems of these tractors work efficiently and make it easy and fast to perform any task. This is an excellent tractor. I also used to have a Farmall 125A, but I had to sell it because it was getting pretty old. I decided to try something new and purchased a tractor here It was just as good, and I can compare it to my old Farmall 125A in terms of smooth gears. In addition, this tractor does a great job, and that's the most important thing to me!
Posted 03 Mar 2022

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