Marijauna and bodybuilding

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So I just found an interesting article about the effect of weed on bodybuilders. Now this is a copy and paste message, but I put the source at the bottom. This came out of my FB app, and the app doesn't give you a link. If I have violated any rules, please let me know.

Marijuana is a controversial topic. Although it is illegal to buy, sell or consume it, for many people it is part of everyday life. But what effect does marijuana have on bodybuilding?

Marijuana and health

Before we get to the main purpose of this article, the first thing to say is that marijuana is still prohibited by law. This article is not intended to promote the use of any illegal or provocative substances.
Despite the fact that marijuana is prohibited by law, many people smoke it daily. Also known as cannabis, weed or weed, most people use it to get high as a relaxation method. Although, of course, there is no stigma attached to it, which can be associated with Class A drugs such as heroin or cocaine, marijuana still has side effects that will affect the functioning of your body.
Marijuana comes from the cannabis plant. Cannabis contains about 500 different components, but only one active ingredient-delta-9-THC, or THC for short, which affects your nerve receptors and brain cells. THC is most effectively absorbed when you smoke marijuana, and has a fairly rapid effect. It circulates fairly quickly through the body, but in most cases it will leave your system within five days, depending on the amount you take. Although in chronic users, THC will most likely be stored in the adipose tissue around your body, which can take 10 to 20 days to leave your system.
Marijuana is usually used for relaxation purposes and to enhance your sense of pleasure.
You become more focused on certain stimuli, which increases your appreciation and enjoyment of food, sex and music. It looks like a slight intoxication.

Weed has been associated with decreased reaction time, increased feelings or paranoia, nervousness, and impaired short-term memory.

Posted 10 Sep 2021

Nortman says
I would like to read about this in more detail.
Posted 10 Sep 2021

SirusMion says
Thanks for sharing
Posted 10 Sep 2021

Nothing poisons life more than false dilemmas and a black-and-white view of the world. Cannabis or sports is a classic example: weed is commonly thought of as going against a healthy lifestyle, when in fact exercise and rasta practices get along perfectly and complement each other. Moreover, the long-standing friendship with THC has not prevented the stars of big sports from harvesting a rich crop of medals and setting plenty of records. So far, no scientific arguments have been found against cannabis use by athletes, professionals and amateurs alike. The question of benefits and harms is determined by individual characteristics of the body and a sense of proportion, not by myths and prejudices. And even more so why is it a bad thing when online weed also appeared.
Posted 10 Sep 2021

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