Is Dota betting profitable?

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Many sites have an opportunity to bet on Dota live. By the pick, you can determine who will win in 90% of games and bet during the match.Sometimes it's so hard to watch when one team has a full output and the favorite has a 1.05 odds, and then suddenly the outsider team makes a fb on the rune and also kills a support who came to save carry and the odds soar to 1.4-1.5.What a frenzy, why did the odds rise so sharply when conditional Liquids play against conditional Anime123, while re-picking. After reviewing the information at I think to start betting live on Dota and cut the dough on it.Who thinks what, is it possible to raise your betting abilities by using your ability to analyze Dota?
Posted 11 Sep 2021

Bill999 says
Sounds like complete nonsense.
Posted 20 Sep 2021

hnry67 says
Last 4months I started to follow gaming theme. Especially I like CS:GO and Dota. My
brother recommended this web site It helps me to keep abreast of all news about these games. Also I like statistics
of players and teams. Sometimes, my brother and I watch live streams which we
can find here. I think it will be useful for you!
Posted 23 Sep 2021

Larson says
It`s pretty profitable, but you have to gain experience before make the first bet. I recommend reading dota 2 news first. Then when you will know the latest news it will be much easier for you
Posted 24 Nov 2021

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