What do you think of the straight men wearing rompers (romphims)

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What do you think of the straight men wearing rompers (romphims) trend that is currently surfacing on Twitter?
Posted 14 Sep 2021

Honestly, it seems that people back then weren’t ready for such daring men’s attire yet because only nowadays it’s gained so much popularity. If you want to find out more about this trending item of men’s wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place. To give you the idea of what a male romper is and provide you with some visual examples, please check out personal guide to a male romper and about romphim in general
Posted 15 Sep 2021

I love this trend and hope it catches on. When you look at the history of humanity, straight American men today are in a fashion prison of sorts, with their choices of what is socially acceptable to wear being incredibly small. It’s not uncommon to be out and about in warm weather and see literally every man you encounter wearing the same outfit of—a drab colored t-shirt and baggy shorts.

Posted 15 Sep 2021

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