How to Watch Live News and TV without Cable in 2021

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How to Watch Live News and TV without Cable in 2021
Keeping up to date on international and local news is important for many of us. And watching our favorite new TV shows when they air can be a fun way to unwind in the evening. However, the trend of cord-cutting has left many people asking how to watch live news and TV without cable. If you're looking to cut the cord with cable TV, there are many alternatives to staying in the loop while avoiding those ever-increasing monthly cable bills.To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website.

If you're still not sure what you need to become a cord cutter, we wrote up a guide to what equipment you really need to cut the cord with cable TV. Everyone's situation is different, so think carefully about what channels and content you truly can't live without. And remember, you can always add and remove services as you need to, so go with the minimum amount of content and see what you really miss before adding everything at once.
It's helpful to make the distinction between streaming live news and streaming live TV shows. You may want to do both, or you might just be looking for one type of content. The hardware and the services that you opt for highly depend on whether news, TV shows, or both are important to you.
Also, consider whether you're simply looking for an easy way to access your local news or if you're more of a CNN, MSNBC, Fox News type of viewer. If cable news is important to you, your best cord cutting option is a streaming service like Sling or FuboTV.
Local news, on the other hand, is available for free over the air (OTA) with a TV antenna and a digital tuner. Once you've installed your antenna and tuner (or digital converter box), you'll be able to access your local news channels for free as long as you're within the broadcast range of your local station. It might take a bit of work to set up, but the money you save in the long run can't be beat.
TV shows, in general, seem easier to access than specific types of news. The things to consider with TV shows are: how much do you want to spend or save, how immediately do you want to watch the shows as they air, and are you already spending money on services that carry the shows you want?
If you like to gather with friends and have watch parties for your favorite shows right when they air, access to the network broadcast might be the best way to go. As with local news, that would mean installing an antenna and digital tuner.
It's absolutely possible to enjoy live sports without cable if you're willing to pay for the privilege. However, if you're a sports fan who likes to watch any game, any team, any sport, at any time, you're going to be frustrated at some point.
There are services that specialize in providing content for sports fans, FuboTV for instance is regularly rated the best streaming service for sports fans. It's also at the top of the range in terms of cost. We'll get to a more in depth discussion of FuboTV shortly.
If you're a hard-core sports fan, you'll most likely end up either sticking with cable TV or paying a premium with one of the streaming platforms that has an extensive channel lineup. But, if you're a more occasional or local sports fan, there are some less expensive options to consider.
If you just want to catch a game or a golf tournament now and then when they're broadcast on normal television stations, you're in luck. A good antenna will most likely be all you need. And a decent DVR will allow you to record games and watch them any time.
There are also individual sports services for more specialized fans. For example, I'm a hockey fan. I don't pay too much attention to many other major sports seasons, but I have subscribed to NHL Center Ice for several years in the past. You get tons of games, but for the cost it ended up not being worth it for me, especially due to the black out games that mean you can't watch your home teams.
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